17th May 2023

Retention, Engagement and Morale

Employee Retention

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Employee retention is an organisations ability to keep staff within a organisation and reduce their turnover. Benefits of having high retention to an organisation are cost reduction, morale improvement, experienced employees and improved work culture (10 Benefits of Employee Retention for Businesses)

How to increase employee retention:

Methods of increasing employee retention include offering competitive benefits. This will make employees think of the organisation more positively and act as an incentive for them to stay working in the organisation. Examples of benefits are holiday time, work events/staff bonding days, perks such as food & drink, and flexible hours allowing for a work-life balance.

Offering training and development opportunities. If people see an opportunity to advance within your organisation, they will be less likely to look for it elsewhere. By offering upskilling and advancement opportunities employee retention may increase.

By providing recognition for good work and constructive feedback on how to make changes to work if necessary, staff will feel more valued in the workplace and will be more likely to stay working there.

(What is Employee Retention? Everything You Need to Know)

Employee Engagement

(5 Powerful Steps To Improve Employee Engagement)

Employee engagement examines how connected people are to their organisation and how motivated they are to do their work to the best of their ability and stay working within the organisation. Benefits of employee engagement are higher productivity, lower absenteeism, higher customer satisfaction and lower employee retention.

How to increase employee engagement:

Motivating and challenging work: Employees will be more engaged and motivated if they are doing work that utilities their strengths and gives them the opportunity to develop new skills

Having a good leader: Having a leader that supports and inspires their team is vital to good employee engagement as people will become more invested in their work and engaged with the company.

(What is Employee Engagement? What, Why and How to Improve it).

Employee Morale

Employee morale is the attitudes and outlooks employees within a business have. It’s important to have good employee morale so it does not impact your employee retention, productivity and engagement levels (Employee Moral: Definition, Affecting Factors, and How to Boost Morale).

Common causes of low employee morale in the work places are poor communication between management and employees, internal changes that lead to job anxiety (e.g., layoffs) and poor leaders who do not support their teams (15 Effective Ways to Boost Employee Morale).

Keep reading to learn different ways to boost morale in your organisation!

How to boost employee morale:

A method to boost employee morale in the workplace is to promote diversity. Bringing together a diverse group of people will bring together a wider range of ideas, skills, and experiences that will boost morale by making the workplace more enjoyable and creative.

Allowing more short and regular breaks can refresh your employees and may result in them being more relaxed, productive and using their time more efficiently. It will also allow for more socialization in the workplace making it a friendlier place and boosting morale.

Teamwork promotes collaborative work and new ideas. Incorporating more of this into your organisation may improve production and give your employees a break from doing the same tasks everyday making them more invested in work.

(15 Effective Ways to Boost Employee Morale)

Useful Skillnet Engagement, Retention and Morale Training Courses, Podcasts & Links:

The following information will help you gain a further understanding on employee engagement, retention and morale in the hospitality industry through courses, podcasts and quick reading links!

Restaurant and Hospitality Skillnet Courses:

Retention, Engagement and Morale 5th September. More information at: https://www.rhskillnet.ie/training-programmes/

Communicating for Performance 7th June. More information at: https://www.rhskillnet.ie/training-programmes/

Helpful Podcasts:

The Gap: Perspectives on Employee Retention with Clint Pulver

Engaging People Podcast by decisionwise

How To Boost Employee Morale With Simple Changes To Your Workspace by Biz Bros Podcast

Quick Reading Links:

‘10 Benefits of Employee Retention for Businesses’ found at: https://www.netsuite.com/portal/home.shtml?noredirect=T

‘Increasing recruitment and retention with the 4 pillars of employee engagement’ https://www.talentmgt.com/

‘How to improve employee engagement with 10 simple ideas’ https://www.oak.com/

‘Employee Morale: Definition, Affecting Factors, and How to Boost Morale’ https://www.questionpro.com/

‘What is Employee Retention? Everything You Need to Know’ https://www.techtarget.com/searchhrsoftware/definition/employee-retention

’15 Effective Ways to Boost Employee Morale’ https://connecteam.com/

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