Request for Tender 2023-2025

You are invited to submit a tender for the delivery of training for the Restaurant & Hospitality Skillnet in 2023-2025.

All costs relating to the delivery of the proposal should be included in your quotation (tools, travel etc. including the issuing of a cert of attendance). Please ensure that your proposal includes the following:

1. Rate for the training/ daily rate for training
2. Description of training including learning outcomes and course content
3. Relevant tutor certification and experience
4. Duration of certification given to employees (if applicable)
5. Written references

Award Criteria
The objective is to award the contract to the most economically advantageous tender to the network, using the following criteria:


  1. Relevant Experience – 450 (Max score available) – 45%
  2. Qualifications – 280 (Max score available) – 28%
  3. References – 270 (Max score available) – 27%

Total Maximum Score Available – 1000 – 100%

Tenders will also be evaluated by price using the price evaluation formula:
Price Evaluation Formula:

maximum score x lowest price

price in question

Please note that:

• Restaurant & Hospitality Skillnet is not obliged to accept the lowest priced tender, any tender or all of any tender.

• Restaurant & Hospitality Skillnet reserves the right to not consider tenders submitted that are deemed incomplete due to missing information on the tender document. It is up to the tendering company to submit all required information. The network will not be requesting missing information from the tendering company.

• Restaurant & Hospitality Skillnet may elect to select one training provider to deliver all of the specified training programmes or a named programmes subject to availability.

• Restaurant & Hospitality Skillnet may decide, following evaluation of tenders not to proceed or to proceed with a limited number of elements of the tender.

• Restaurant & Hospitality Skillnet reserves the right to cancel and / or re run this mini tender competition at any time.

• Information supplied by tenderers will be treated as contractually binding. Restaurant & Hospitality Skillnet reserves the right to seek clarification.

All tender proposals must be received by email to or posted to Restaurants Association of Ireland, 11 Bridge Court, Citygate, St. Augustine St, Dublin 8 before 5.30pm on Friday 18th November 2022 to be considered.