1 Day Barista Course with Dublin Barista School (In-company)

Start Date: 01/08/2022 AVAILABLE ALL YEAR

Duration: 1 Day (6hr training day)

Location: In company training

Full Fee: €1500

Network Members Fee: €1200

Programme overview

Our Barista Essentials Course is a day one practical course crafter to teach you the espresso routine and milk texturing techniques, both staples of being a fantastic barista. Along with some coffee theory, you will spend the day on our espresso machines, perfecting your skills under the supervision of one of our professionally qualified trainers.

When you complete the course, you will receive access to an online certified course. This online course will be a recap of what you completed during the practical training.
You will receive a certificate upon completion of this online course.

€1500 8-12 Students for full day training
€1750 13-20 Students for full day training
*Prices above are for in company training
Full day training is 6hrs and half day training is available, please enquire with us!

Learning Outcomes

You will  learn the art of milk streaming and stretching followed by the production of a full range of espresso drinks. Bolstered with the theory of coffee beans – from farm to cup – this is a well-rounded full day course for the aspiring barista.

Who is this course for?

Anyone who wants to improve their barista skills or wants to work as a barista.

Content Covered

  • From farm to cup theory
  • Understanding the espresso equipment
  • Espresso techniques
  • Grinder Calibration; how to dial in
  • Milk chemistry & milk texturing techniques
  • Intro to latte art designs
  • Drinks menu in detail e.g. latte, cappuccino, macchiato
  • Production of espresso drinks incl. flat white, latte, capuccino
  • Understanding café workflow
  • Machine Cleaning

Trainer profile

Dublin Barista School


Barista training company that runs programmes specialising in training students to a level where they will be able to gain employment. Dublin Barista School was founded up by James McCormack in 2011 with the aim of bringing high quality barista training to the market place. The company has grown over the years through a slow dedicated process of always putting their customers needs first.