1 day Barista Course with Irish Barista School

Start Date: 11/09/2019

Duration: 1 Day (10:00 am-) Every Wednesday

Location: 336, The Capel Building, Mary's Abbey

Full Fee: €120

Network Members Fee: €96

Programme overview

This 1 day practical course will equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to engage in work as a proficient barista. Students will perfect their espresso brewing technique with extensive practical training on a fully manual coffee machine.

Learning Outcomes

You will then move on to learn the art of milk streaming and stretching followed by the production of a full range of espresso drinks. Bolstered with the theory of coffee beans – from farm to cup – this is a well-rounded full day course for the aspiring barista.

Successful participants can then register with Excel and be linked in with our experienced consultants, who can provide them with regular barista work across Dublin.

Who is this course for?

Anyone who wants to improve their barista skills or wants to work as a barista.

Content Covered

  • 10 steps from farm to cup
  • Coffee beans and blend
  • Understanding the espresso machine
  • Grinder anatomy and the importance of grind size
  • Espresso techniques
  • Milk texturing
  • Production of espresso drinks incl. flat white, latte, capuccino
  • Equipment maintenance and cleaning
  • Barista work-flow

Trainer profile

Emma Conlon

  • WSET Level 3 Qualified
  • CIPD Level 5 Qualified
  • MA Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • BA Sociology and Social Policy

Emma has worked in hospitality for over 15 years – starting off as food runner in s branded suburban restaurant she has worked in almost all of the FOH positions in the industry including,  waitress, events staff, bar tender, barista, sommelier, Floor manager,  Assistant GM, training manager. Moving to London, Emma began a 4 year tenure with esteemed London Gastro company Cubitt House. Working across 3 of their 4 venues Emma finished up at the Orange where she was responsible for the onboarding and training of all new starters. All Press Barista trained, Emma taught all staff the art of espresso making and developed a team of proficient baristas serving excellent coffee in London’s prestigious Chelsea Borough.