Coaching Skills for Management 19th March 2024

Start Date: 19/03/2024

Duration: 10am - 4.30pm

Location: Virtual Delivery

Full Fee: €120

Network Members Fee: €90

Programme overview

The aim of this course is to help managers have powerful coaching conversations to unlock the true potential of their team, maximise their performance and improve the customer experience. Traditional management approaches rely heavily on a directive approach. Coaching is a non-directive, empowering people to take ownership, be accountable, more innovative and deliver improved performance. This course is designed to allow managers to have powerful coaching conversations with their team to boost performance, wellbeing, retention and creating an enhanced customer experience.

Learners will be required to complete pre and post course work, for example:
PRE COURSE - Questionnaire on specific challenges and key desired outcomes.
POST COURSE - Project work after sessions and e mail back then will receive a certificate of attendance. Such as — Have a performance conversation with a team member and report key learnings.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, learners will:

  • Have skills to conduct impactful coaching conversations with Emotional Intelligence
  • Understand the importance of creating the right environment, use of the appropriate body language and tone in effective communication
  • Enhance how  they connect and build relational trust with others to achieve best outcomes from performance conversations
  • Enhance active listening skills and empathy to become more behaviourally agile in their leadership approach



Who is the course for?

Designed for managers, supervisors, team leaders and team managers.




Content Covered

  • What is coaching versus mentoring
  • The coaching process and core principles of coaching to motivate teams
  • Understanding the GROW model
  • How to build Trust and building rapport – ability to create a safe supportive positive work environment
  • SMART goal setting and action planning
  • Performance coaching
  • Coaching skills practice

Trainer Profile

Una Crilly, Positive Impact

Una is a hospitality Leadership & Wellbeing Specialist, and an accredited Leadership Coach. She spent over 20 years leading teams with a large retail group and now supports hospitality leaders in building great workplaces and in keeping their best people. She is an Emotional Intelligence practitioner, a qualified team coach and is a trained IBEC KeepWell assessor.