Executive Management Skills Development Programme

Start Date: 25/01/2021 + 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd February & 1st March

Duration: 12 weeks

Location: Virtual Delivery

Full Fee: €1200

Network Members Fee: €900

Programme overview

The programme runs over 12 weeks and includes 6 X half day, online “Interactive Webinar Workshops”, each module is divided into two X 90-minute blocks by a 15-minute break. Each manager (or management team) will develop a detailed Strategic Plan for business recovery and performance optimisation over the next two years.
Please note pricing above is €900 per member (€450 per person if company has 2 people)

Programme Schedule:
 9.30am Start – 90 minute training session
 11am – Break (15 minutes)
 11.15am – 90 minute training session
 12.45pm – Finish

Programme Schedule

Week One: Registration and Business Performance, Management Skills and Training Priorities self-assessment

Week Two: Adjustments & finetuning of training content to best meet participants business and management skills needs

Week Three: Online Training Webinar Workshop 1, Managing Self / Coping & Change Time & Stress / Leadership

Week Four: Workshop 2, Formulating Strategy to optimise Business Performance, Creating Business Plans that work, Implementation

                         One-to-one Mentoring, Session A

Week Five: Workshop 3, Marketing / e-Marketing / Selling and Customer Care. Adding value to the customer experience

Week Six: Workshop 4, Managing & Developing People

                     One-to-one Mentoring, Session B

                     RAI Programme Progress Report

Week Seven: Workshop 5 Financial Management & Profitability

                           One-to-one Mentoring Session C

Weeks Eight: Workshop 6, Productivity, Systems, Operations, Supply chain, Waste

Week Nine: One-to-one Mentoring Session D

Week Ten: Submission of Plans

Week Eleven: Assessment of Plans

Week Twelve:  Feedback & Certificates in Management Practice

                              Final RAI Programme Report & Evaluation

Overview & Special Features

  • Delivered by an experienced team of business management practitioners (not academics) in an enjoyable, practical and highly participative format.
  • The Programme runs over approximately 12 weeks to minimise disruption to the business and maximise the imbedding of learning and change.
  • Initial (pre-core-programme) Self-Assessment Business Performance and Management Audit. This exercise may be repeated following the training.
  • Six half-day online Interactive, livestream Webinar Management Skills Development Workshops. Each half day will consist of two X 90-minute blocks of training with a 15-minute break
  • Each participating Company / Business will receive Four X One-to-One, Audio Visual Mentoring Sessions. These will ensure the translation / conversion of Workshop learning into practical application in each business and facilitate the development of the Strategic Plan for Growth, Development & Profitability.
  • Strategic Growth & Development Plan will be for the next two or three years and place a strong emphasis on
  • Senior Managers are encouraged to include another Manager from the organisation. This assists in their development and greatly enhances the potential for the Plan to be implemented
  • Participants who submit a Growth & Development Plan of an appropriate standard will receive an “Certificate in Management Practice” (see sample)
  • Participants are provided with all related Training Materials and personal Workbooks provide valuable support to learning and skills building. (Research shows that the correct use of workbooks can add as much as 40% to information retention and the ‘relevance conversion’ process).
  • Programme Folders are posted to participants in advance and training materials will be posted to those who do not have ready access to printers.


Content Covered

Part One:   The programme will commence with each participant completing a brief personal profile form and a substantial self-assessment business performance and management audit.

Part Two:      Six X Half Days of Skills Development Workshops

Training Workshop 1  (Aidan Harte) Managing Self

  • The Strategic Plan for ‘Me’
  • Coping, understanding and managing stress. / Audit Exercise
  • Personal Management & Leadership styles.
  • Time and Priorities / High Value -v- Low Value Activities.
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • The Psychology of Personal Performance, Personal Development.  Attitude, Behaviour & Thinking Positive attitude, behaviour, disposition and thinking.
  • Leading Improvement, Innovation and Change.
  • Action Plan “The Strategic Plan for Me”!

Training Workshop 2  (Frank McGlone)  Strategy & Planning

  • Business Vision / Strategy / Culture and Organisational Behaviour.
  • Business ‘performance and potential’ analysis and planning.
  • Developing Business Plans which work and become reality.
  • Distilling Organisational and Divisional KPIs and related MIS.
  • Plan Communication, involvement and buy in.
  • Cultivating a Business Performance Culture

Training Workshop 3 A (Aidan Harte) Marketing, Sales & Customer Care

  • Constructing a strong ‘Value Proposition’
  • Creating a Superior Customer Experience
  • Clear understanding of what we sell and what benefits we bring?
  • Who are (and where are) our target customers and segments?
  • Competitors and our Competitive Advantage
  • Customer Relationships: Building & Maintenance
  • Distilling ‘The Message/s’ and methods of Communication

Workshop 3 B  (Graham Merriman)   e-Commerce / e-Marketing / Social Media Marketing

  • Overview of how communicating with customers has changed (the Digital            Marketing Landscape)
  • The Company’s Websites: the shop window
  • Web Analytics, Social Media / Online Advertising / e-Marketing, Google AdWords / Pay per click Ads
  • Effective and appropriate e-Commerce Strategy and Planning
  • Aligning the overall Sales & Marketing Strategy with the Growth & Development Plan.

Training Workshop 4 (Aine Crilly)  Managing & Developing People

  • Communication, Motivation & Culture.
  • Understanding Competencies (knowledge, skills, attitude & behaviour)
  • Roles & Responsibilities / Effective Performance Management.
  • Optimising the effectiveness of training and development.
  • The power of a positive and enjoyable workplace environment.
  • Managing underperformers and difficult people
  • Important elements of Labour Law

Training Workshop 5 (Frank McGlone)  Finance & Financial Management

  • Business Finance and financial language in context.
  • Reading and understanding Financial Information
  • Assessing the financial potential of the business.
  • Optimising Profitability, Growth & Development.
  • How funds flow through a business and key financial ratios.
  • Costing and pricing / Assessing the impact of increasing prices
  • Working with your accounts / establishing a financial dashboard
  • Developing realistic financial projections
  • Relationships with Accountants, Auditors and Revenue
  • Planning Finances in line with the Growth & Development Plan.

Training Workshop 6A (Gerry Shaw)

Efficiency of Operations and Systems Innovation & Creativity

  • Quality: defined from the Company’s perspective
  • Quality: defined from the Customers’ perspective
  • Quality and Process models, control and audit systems
  • Quality Validation / Customer feedback in a busy environment
  • Productivity and Systems for Profitability
  • Sourcing and Supply chain management
  • Waste analysis and management
  • Quality improvement Action Plan as part of the Business Growth & Development Plan

Training Workshop 6B (Aidan Harte)

  • Creating Competitive Advantage through Innovation and Creativity
  • Developing an Innovative Business culture
  • Presenting your Business Growth & Development Plan
  • The format and scoring system
  • Questions & Discussion and Programme Evaluation

Part Three :

Submission of Growth & Development Plans

Awarding of “Certificates in Management Practice” (awarded by the RAI, the European Training Foundation (ETF) and Human Resource Excellence)

Trainer Profiles

Frank McGlone  BA, MBA, MCIM, MInstD.     

Since 2003, Frank has been the Optimum Results’ lead Trainer & Consultant for SME Management Skills and First Time & Early Exporters projects delivered in Ireland and export markets. He has specialised in this field since the early 90s but has also worked with some of Ireland’s largest businesses. A result focused and talented facilitator of effective Business Strategy, Frank is a widely skilled and experienced Trainer and Executive Coach. He has served as Chairman of a number of Companies such as Botanic Inns Ltd in Northern Ireland and has been involved in developing strategies for many substantial organisations including a US owned manufacturing company with $1 billion turnover in Europe. He is also retained by a number of UK and Irish based exporting companies and organisations to provide ongoing strategic support and advice, some of these for over 15 years. A graduate of the University of Ulster, Frank has lectured extensively and been involved in the delivery of many programmes for organisations including The Irish Times, University of Ulster, Invest N.I and Enterprise Boards as well as several Business Development Agencies overseas.


Aidan Harte  MSc, FMII, FCIM, FIMCA, FInstLM, Dip Training & Adult Ed

Founder of Optimum Results (Business Skills Training) and Customer Perceptions (Consumer Research) in 1995. With over 30 years of wide ranging management experience across many sectors Aidan continues to act as Managing Director of the training & consulting aspects of the business. He is known for the design and delivery of highly results focused, practical and cost-effective services to “Improve the performance of organisations through improving the performance of its people”.

Originally a Commerce student in his native Cork, Aidan holds an MSc in Executive Leadership (University of Ulster & Boston College), he has two ‘Business Counselling’ qualifications (Durham University Business School) and is a formally qualified trainer (National University of Ireland). He a Graduate & Fellow of both the Marketing Institute of Ireland and the Chartered Institute of Marketing, a Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants & Business Advisers, a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership & Management, he is an invited member of the EU’s ETF group developing Best Practice Training Guidelines for SME Internationalisation in the European Union and partner countries and prominent in a number of other SME Development circles.


Aine Crilly MSc, BSc, MIMCA

Aine leads the Optimum Results’ HRM / HRD Team. She is an experienced Human Resource professional with a wealth of experience in managing many complex HR issues, employment legislation and HR best practice. She has worked as an independent consultant with a variety of clients on extensive HR projects including small to medium sized businesses, multinational professional services groups and gained considerable international HR experience in Canada.  An accomplished entrepreneur and an excellent communicator, Aine has significant skills in the training and development of management and staff. She holds an MSc Human Resource Management, a BSc Law and is a member of both the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and the Institute of Business Consultants & Advisors. Aine is also a part-time CIPD Lecturer and qualified Assessor across several accredited qualification.


Gerry Shaw BSc, MSc, Dip Training & Adult Ed.

Gerry is the Optimum Results’ lead trainer / consultant in ‘Quality, Productivity and Systems’. Having worked in multiple operations and quality roles with blue chip corporates in Ireland and United States for twenty years, Gerry has worked exclusively in training and consultancy within Corporates, Public Private Partnerships and Not for Profits since 2005. A formally qualified trainer (NUI Maynooth), Gerry has facilitated technical, business and personal development training throughout Ireland, Europe and in the United States, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, as well as lecturing on TCD/IMI programmes and with DKIT Lifelong Learning. As an Enterprise Ireland approved lean practitioner, Gerry has facilitated Lean Start, Lean Plus and Lean Transform programmes with clients in the Manufacturing, Precision Engineering and Software sectors.  A key area of expertise is in improving operational performance through score carding key performance indicators and implementing change and continuous improvement programmes.  He is also a consultant with Enterprise Ireland Mentor Programme.

Gerry holds a BSc in Applied Physics; MSc. in Applied Physics and MBS in Safety, Health and Welfare at Work from DCU. He completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Training and Continuous Education with NUI Maynooth and has trained in Graphic Design with IACT.  He has trained as an auditor to HIQA Standards in the health sector and has achieved QQI qualification in (ISL) Irish sign Language. Gerry is a true believer in the benefits of lifelong learning.