Front Line Management 20th February 2024 Cork

Start Date: 20/02/2024 + 21/02 & 22/02

Duration: 3 days - 09:00-17:00

Location: 1 Lapp's Quay, Centre, Cork

Full Fee: €2285

Network Members Fee: €1828

Programme overview

Ambition is always to be applauded, but for it to really take you anywhere, you have to harness it. Our Frontline Management programme will provide you with the toolbox you need to succeed as a frontline manager. You’ll discover how to delegate, plan effectively and manage the work of others.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of day 1 the participants will be able to:
• Identify the behaviours required for effective front line management
• Create a development plan for transition from individual contributor to manager
• Understand and apply the FISHER personal change model
• Understand the importance of management behaviours and the impact to organisational success
• Use the essential steps of planning (6 step model)
• Identify personal time management behaviours
• Apply time management techniques for increased effectiveness
• Use the 7-step problem solving tool
• Select from a range of over 70 problem solving techniques
• Apply the DICE model to decision making

By the end of day 2 the participants will be able to:
• Identify the behaviours that build/destroy trust
• Apply the 3-step model of trust
• Identify effective team behaviours
• Delegate tasks effectively
• Use a range of listening skills to enhance communications
• Give effect feedback
• Deliver difficult messages
• Provide clear communications

By the end of day 3 the participants will be able to
• Identify the industrial bodies in Ireland
• Understand the basics of Employment law
• Apply policy and procedures to case studies
• Apply the BSC model for performance management
• Deal with a range of difficult situations

Who is this course for?

People who are about to or who have recently taken on the responsibility for managing others. Designed to give newly appointed front line managers, team leaders, supervisors and others a solid foundation in management skills.

Content Covered:

Day 1
Transition to Manager
• Understanding the role of the manager
• Dealing with transitional Change
• Planning and goal setting
Personal Effectiveness
• Time Management
• Problem Solving
• Decision making

Day 2
Building Teams and Trust
• Building Trust
• Building teams
• Delegation
• Listening Skills
• Giving/receiving feedback
• Dealing with difficult messages

Day 3
Key Aspects of HR Management
• Employment Law basics
• Industrial bodies in Ireland
• Dealing with grievances
• Managing departures from the norm
Performance management

Trainer Profile

Irish Management Institute

Our Mission, And Passion, Is to Equip Leaders To Build The Future.Founded by business leaders for business leaders, IMI areempowering world-class executives for over sixty years.In partnership with UCC’s expert research faculty and an international network of thought leaders, our globallyranked executive development will challenge, support and inspire you to unlock your potential and fulfil your ambition.Surrounded by passionate, like-minded executives, you’ll be equipped with the tools and insights to shape the future of your organisation. IMI’stransformational impact will last, allowing organisations and their leaders to constantly evolve to match and successfully fulfil their potential.

Supported by

The Irish Hospitality Institute (IHI) was founded in 1966 as the professional membership body for professionals working within hospitality, tourism and catering industries in Ireland.

Since its founding, the IHI has been dedicated to promoting professional development and lifelong learning through a variety of management development and training initiatives, including seminars, conferences, and networking opportunities.

“Our mission is to encourage and enable the professional growth of our industry professionals while also promoting excellence in the hospitality and tourism industry”.

We are pleased to partner with the Irish Management Institute and the Restaurant and Hospitality Skillnet to support the professional development and growth of our industry professionals.