Get Started with Digital Advertising in partnership with Google Digital Garage

Start Date: 01/06/2021

Duration: 10am - 11am

Location: Online via YouTube

Cost: Free

Programme overview

We're delighted to announce a new collaboration with Google Digital Garage, offering Get Started with Digital Advertising training via live webinar.

This webinar will be one hour and delivered live via YouTube.

What this webinar covers:

Get started with social, search and display advertising.Learn about search, social and display advertising and how to get started with advertising a business.
In this webinar, we will take you through a practical approach to using digital advertising, including how to develop an advertising plan for each channel and measure its success.

Course Outcomes:

1. Understand search advertising
2. Utilise display advertising
3. Grasp social advertising

Who is this course for?

Those working in the restaurant & hospitality industry who are aspiring digital marketers.

About Google Digital Garage


Google Digital Garage is part of Google’s global business support initiative, Grow with Google, that aims to help people and businesses acquire the skills needed to embrace the opportunities that technology presents in today’s working world. Google Digital Garage provides free online and live webinar digital skills training to individuals and businesses in Ireland to help people grow their skills, careers or businesses from home.


With the Google Digital Garage webinar series, you can access free live training designed to help grow your business, jump-start your career or develop new skills – all from your own home. 

The live webinars are absolutely free to attend and open to everyone – delivered by expert Google Digital Garage trainers ready to help and support your learning, whatever your goals.


Online courses

You can also discover a range of free online learning modules from Google Digital Garage, with their online courses available here.