Quarterly Workshops for Café Success

Start Date: 21/02/2024 + 08/05, 04/09 & 02/12

Duration: 9:30 a.m. – 16:00 p.m

Location: Kilkenny Rugby Club, Waterford Road, Folkstown Kilkenny

Full Fee: €800

Network Members Fee: €400

Programme overview

Over the course of the programme, participants will engage in four dynamic workshops tailored to address key challenges and opportunities in the industry. Additionally, they will benefit from four expert lectures followed by panel discussions, providing invaluable insights from industry leaders. The workshops are delivered over the course of the year where the participants will have the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded peers during the interactive sessions, fostering a supportive and collaborative environment.

What's included:
- 4 workshops over 12 months
- 4 experts lectures followed by 4 expert panel discussions
- 4 sessions to get you into the winning independent food business owner mindset
- 4 opportunities to work on your business with like minded people, steered by industry experts
- Lunch & Coffee Included
- 4 opportunities to network with like minded people
- Bespoke workbook filled to the brim with tools, insights and direction

Programme Schedule

  • Workshop 1 – Wednesday 21st Feb- Shine bright or get left behind. 9:30 am – 4pm at Kilkenny Rugby Club.
  • Workshop 2 – Wednesday the 8th of May-  Mind your pennies and the pounds will mind themselves! 9:30 am – 4pm at Kilkenny Rugby Club.
  • Workshop 3 – Wednesday the 4th of September Get out of your own way and step up. 9:30 am – 4pm at Kilkenny Rugby Club.
  • Workshop 4 – Wednesday 2nd of December Make Your Business Work For You. 9:30 am – 4pm at Kilkenny Rugby Club.

Who is this event for?

This session is suitable for owners and managers of Cafes.




Workshop 1 – Shine Bright or Get Left Behind


By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  1. Understand when and why you need PR.
  2. Know how to photograph food in a moment and create stellar pics for social media on your phone.
  3. Know how to measure success of investment in PR.


  • Phone food photography.
  • Live social media review.
  • Seasonal calendar and focus.
  • Curating events- costing events, what is involved?
  • Trends- what are they? Do they matter? How to maximise on trends?


Chris Towers: PR Guru
PR- planning/ designing/ reason/ desired outcome/ purpose- Christmas prep now- WHY? Purpose?

PR- how do you view PR? What are your experiences in this space? How would your business benefit from PR? Making PR accessible to all.

Fall in love with the media!



Workshop 2 – Mind your Pennies and the Pounds Will Mind Themselves


By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  1. Understand what is real waste and what is actually money being flushed down the toilet?
  2. Know how to amplify your menu while mindfully minding your margins.


  • Menu planning.
  • Goods inwards.
  • Menu design.
  • Lean approach to preparation of dishes.
  • Review of suppliers.
  • Review of bins
  • Plating- and why it matters.


Conor Spacey: Zero Waste Expert, International selling author, and Culinary Director in FoodSpace
Food waste is gold- how and why?
Save money NOW! Save the planet NOW!
Run a smarter business by being mindful of the environment and sustainability.
The world Goals- steps…How to start? Why to start? What’s in it for you as a business owner and what is in it for your customer?
Future trends in this space- what can we expect?

How much are you losing in revenue every day? What steps are you currently undertaking when it comes to being mindful, environmentally conscious, ingredient savvy.

Workshop 3 – Get Out of Your Own Way and Set Up


By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  1. Understand what KPI’s are.
  2. Identify changes each attendee must make today to ensure they are meeting essential KPI’s for survival first and then success second.
  3. Know where and how to start implementing KPI’s.


  • Annual planning.
  • Tagline development.
  • Quarterly objectives.
  • Increasing potential.
  • Eat the frog.
  • Reactive V’s Proactive mindset.
  • Working on the business and not in the business- how to start!


Padraig Somers- accountant and financial advisor to Independant Business Owners.
Financials- increases- bottom line- KPI’s- accounts.
● VAT increase
● Wages increases- minimum spend
● pension increase
● what must you do to ensure these increases do not come from your bottom line? HOW?

Why making money can be so stressful?
Why cashflow makes or breaks a business?
Why KPI’s give you back control.
Why spending money makes you money (equipment upgrade/ HR/ PR campaign- how to measure investment and results)
Fall in love with numbers!

Workshop 4 – Make Your Business Work for You


By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  1. Understand why HR is critical for control and success of a small business.
  2. Recognise how HR is beneficial and working.
  3. Know where and how to start.
  4. Create a Workplace charter for a positive well being focused work environment.


  • Staff training
  • Supports available
  • Why setting your team up for success pays you ten fold? How do you do this?
  • Why removing yourself allows your team to step up and work harder (hire well and this happens- train well and this happens- neglect equals failure- you choose)
  • Purpose
  • Desired Outcome
  • Measuring Outcome
  • Chef Network Workplace Charter Explained


Avril Mansworth:Hospitality HR consultant.

HR- why your contract and handbook are immensely valuable to you and your business. Hiring- how to weed out non-runners and drains on the business.


HR is a scary and pricey space- or is it?
Changing mindsets and stepping into being strategic and clever by using HR to your advantage- protect your livelihood.

Fall in love with HR!

Lead Trainer Profile

Tracie Daly – Food Business Coach

Tracie Daly is a passionate award-winning entrepreneur, qualified executive business coach, and chef, who helps hospitality business owners to unlock their full potential – increasing sales, reducing costs, and improving their operations overall.

With a wealth of knowledge and industry experience in the Food and Education sectors, her advice and problem-solving skills are very much based on regular everyday food service and hospitality queries and dilemmas. Having chosen to specialise in working with SMEs in the casual dining space, she designs and executes bespoke food business models and empowers owners to transform their businesses, ensuring long-term sustainable growth. Adept at streamlining operational processes to increase business efficiencies and with an innovative approach to recipe testing and menu development that results in measurable business improvements, working directly with Tracie has already helped so many food business owners right across the country to minimise risk.

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