Survival Mode: What You Need to Know from Here

Start Date: 22/10/2020 + Additional date 5th Nov

Duration: 2 Hours

Location: Online Workshop, 10am – 12noon

Cost: Free

Programme overview

A 90 minute workshop for restaurant and hospitality members aimed at supporting attendees through the present market in both a personal and professional capacity across four key areas.

The best growth always happens in relation to each other and this workshop will be a starting point for a stronger, more connected community of people to come together. We each have our own individual strengths, talents and gifts. Learn how to more effectively share them and use this time as an opportunity that allows you to overcome, to grow and eventually thrive in your area of expertise.

Your Learning Experience

This online workshop will be delivered via Zoom.

You are invited to bring any questions you have or challenges you’re going through related to any area within your business or life and have them discussed. If you’d like something covered anonymously you can mail in your issue in advance of the event and it will be raised on the night.





What is covered?

  1. State of The Nation – What’s happening in the industry right now, what’s working well, what problems are people being faced with and what solutions are succeeding.
  2. Mental Balance & Resilience – Strategies for maintaining your best state of mind and navigating through the inevitable challenges that are arising.
  3. Focus & Productivity – Tips for staying present and productive to get you through today and set you up for a better tomorrow.
  4. Collective Problem Solving – Noone knows the industry and market like you do and with that few are better positioned to aid and support. Attendees are given time to share their issues and have them opened up to the group to brainstorm and problem solve together.

Over the course of this workshop together you will:

  • Learn that your problems are not just your own, but shared by so many others.
  • Meet and connect with some of these other like minded entrepreneurs
  • Gain different perspectives and solutions to the problems you’re faced with.

Who is the workshop for:

This Survival Mode Workshop is designed for business owners within the Irish restaurant and hospitality sector.





Trainer/ Facilitator Profile

Jamie White has won Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur in Dublin twice and been voted as one of Ireland’s top 30 under 30 in business by the Irish Independent.

Jamie works with entrepreneurs nationally and abroad, helping them with their businesses and sharing all that he has learned through business mentoring. Jamie has built up and sold numerous businesses. Namely, two fast growing youth websites that collectively reached over 100 million millennials weekly at their height and most recently Leading Social, the social media marketing agency. Jamie also shares his experiences of business mentoring and consulting through his podcast ‘The University of Life’.