Wellbeing 2022- Build Confidence, Resilience and Motivation

Start Date: 07/02/2022 14/02, 21/02 and 28/02

Duration: 2.30pm-4pm

Location: Virtual Delivery

Full Fee: €254

Network Members Fee: €224

Programme overview

This programme includes the latest proven strategies to understand emotions in ourselves and others and is central to improving our wellbeing.

Understanding emotions in ourselves and others is central to improving wellbeing. During four powerful interactive sessions, deep dive into proven strategies you can use to improve each area of wellbeing. Discover to how to better understand emotional intelligence and become more self-aware. This programme teaches a wide range of techniques and practices in four key areas: mental, physical, social and environmental. This programme will reduce stress and increase productivity and engagement. The objective of this programme is that attendees will feel more confident and capable, boost relationships with others, increase physical vitality, and their sense of accomplishment and personal fulfilment in life.

Includes Private 1 to 1 Coaching Sessions and a Free Emotional Intelligence Assessment to support your EI development - (Worth €250)

Learning Outcomes

  • Boost the wellbeing of hospitality employees.
  • Reduce stress and increase productivity and engagement.

Who is the course for?

This course is suitable for all staff management working in restaurant and hospitality industry.

Course Content

The Wellbeing Learning Journey:

  • Four powerful, interactive instructor-led sessions.
  • Immersive experience featuring breakout rooms, group discussion, polls, and
  • A unique digital workbook to capture insights, support note-taking and
    development planning.
  • Includes Genos Emotionally Intelligent Assessment provided during the
    program to kick start and support emotional intelligence development.

Module 1: The Science of Enhancing Wellbeing

  • Explore the science of emotions and how to use emotional self-awareness to
    better gauge our wellbeing.
  • Analyse what an improvement in our own wellbeing might mean to us.
  • Assess and share strategies we are currently using to maintain our wellbeing.
  • Determine how we can make new strategies stick, using action plans built
    around the science of behaviour change.

Module 2: Improving Wellbeing with Physical and Environmental

  • Explore the science of forming new habits.
  • Determine new techniques to implement around sleep, diet and exercise to
    boost our physical wellbeing.
  • Identify how we could improve our physical environment and structure a
    wellbeing day. This session is designed to inspire attendees to explore what
    may work best for them.

Module 3: Improving Wellbeing with Thinking Strategies

  • Deep dive on three different thinking strategies known to be effective in
    improving the way we think, feel, and behave.
  • Work on creating boundaries.
  • Discuss engaging in perspective taking and sense making.
  • Enhance your emotional agility while responding to triggers.

Module 4: Improving Wellbeing with Social Strategies

  • Discover how to boost social wellbeing with emotional intelligence.
  • Explore techniques to boost the quality of your day-to-day social interactions.
  • Identify a close personal relationship you could improve and the actions you
    could take to do so.
  • Explore a coaching model for helping others respond effectively to their
    challenging situations.

Course Delivery

  • Programme is : 4 x 90 minute sessions


7th, 14th, 21st and 28th February


All training and coaching will be delivered via Zoom. Once you register for the course you will be sent the Zoom meeting link.

Before joining a Zoom meeting on a computer or mobile device, you can download the Zoom app: https://zoom.us.download

Otherwise, you will be prompted to download and install Zoom when you click a join link, so please do join 5-10 minutes in advance to check your system is working.

You can also join a test meeting in advance to ensure you are set up: https://zoom.us/test

Trainer – Una Crilly, Positive Impact

Una is a hospitality Leadership & Wellbeing Specialist, and an accredited Leadership Coach. She spent 22 years leading teams with a large retail group and now supports hospitality leaders in building great workplaces and in keeping their best people. She is an Emotional Intelligence practitioner, a qualified team coach and is a trained IBEC KeepWell assessor.