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We believe in providing the best possible training courses to help members’ up-skill their current workforce and train those new to their business.

This allows each member company remain competitiveretain staff and ensure they have the necessary tools to stay relevant and deliver quality product and customer service in a very competitive industry.

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Employers who are looking to upskill their staff members.

Individuals who are currently employed in the restaurant & hospitality industry and those looking to pursue a career in the industry.

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The training received from the Restaurant and Hospitality Skillnet improved the overall working environment as head chefs learned new management skills that helped the kitchens run smoother. Key front of house staff returned from training invigorated, sharing ideas and positively impacting the atmosphere on the floor. This resulted in improved customer experience and sales.

Customer Care & MDP

Caroline, Manager Salamanca

The best thing about today’s event was understanding gross profits/cost margins; excellent knowledge + experience delivery in concise and informative menus.

Kitchen Management Course

The Left Bank Bistro

Good afternoon Niamh just a quick mail to say thanks for the workshop you set up today. Found the course very beneficial and Martin very helpful and easy to understand. I'd recommend it to anyone in the industry and thanks again.

Kitchen Management

Edward, Head Chef Brambles

A big thank you for allowing me to attend the public speaking course – I have attended a lot of training courses in my time, I must say James Sexton is an outstanding expert – a fresh of fresh air – easy to listen to. I could listen to him all day – I took away so many nuggets of learning. This is my first time sharing any feedback about a trainer/workshop – I must say I loved the workshop and took so much learning away. Thank you again for allowing me to take part

Public Speaking

Caroline, Fáilte Ireland

I completed the Leading Successfully through Change workshop with the Skillnet, it was an excellent course. In 90 minutes Cariona was able to clearly explain to us key elements. I learnt a lot and will be using this knowledge to pass on to my team. The zoom call was very well organized, and I really enjoyed meeting other people in the industry to explore the topic of Change.


Gill, 56 Central

Thank you for having me on the webinar yesterday and for the learning resources. I found your workshop really interesting; it will definitely help me to strengthen my communication, but also our managers, which I will share the tips with. I have filled all the forms. I hope you will be able offer more of such free webinars as they are not only a great upskilling source, but also fantastic entertainment and platform for connecting people within industry.

Communicate to Influence

Gosia, Five Guys

Hi Niamh, All done. Many thanks. You have been a star helping me with the courses and infos. I just wanted to say that both trainings: Covid kitchen management and the designated person were brilliant. Both trainers were really good. Although designated person was more intense due to the amount of material, I found it very helpful. Martin Pott was just brilliant. He has great understanding of taught subject and his delivery was really great. I just wanted to share this with you.

Covid 19 Kitchen Management

Tadeusz, W8 Complex

With a reopening of the Hospitality after the lockdown I found this workshop really informative and engaging, the tips and wellness planner will be very useful to prepare our return to work in a positive footing thank you Una.

Positive Wellbeing

Manager, The Thatch

I cannot thank Una enough. I found this course very engaging and extremely helpful. My self-esteem and confidence have improved. I also have learned to do small tasks and build up to the bigger goals, and not to worry about the things that are out of my control. Good communication, compassion, not only helps you also your colleagues. Anxiety we are all dealing with at the moment and returning to work how to cope with anxiety and how to help colleagues cope with it also, very positive course and I cannot wait for the next one.

Positive Wellbeing

Supervisor, Sutton Hotel

I learned that paying attention to detail is very important. I also learned how to properly present food and drinks.

Food & Beverage Skills


I really enjoyed the role playing, having the opportunity to practice new skills with others from the industry was very beneficial and also helped keep me engaged and involved throughout the training.

Coaching Skills for Management

Newbarn Farm

I learned how to develop networking skills not only in my own place of employment but in the industry as a whole. I also made more connections with experienced people in the industry as a result of this training.

Emerging Talent Workshop

The Kingsley

The session on bullying and the importance of having a respect and dignity policy were very useful. I benefited from the 'Dignity and Respect at Work' training.

Human Resources

Tifco Ltd.

I found that understanding the importance of emotional intelligence and applying it to my leadership role were very useful. I hope to be more emphatic and understanding of my team members and the importance of my role as a leader in understanding their needs in the future.

Leadership Coaching Skills

Midlands Park Hotel

I learned the most in the part about recognizing the psychology of a guest is attracted by all of the senses and that the industry is similar to theatre. As a result of the training, I recognized how I can improve the personalized experience of each customer.

Selling, Upselling & Cross Selling

Cafe Presse

Learning about how to coach people in the right way and make sure to train people right so that they fully understand it were the most useful parts of the course.

Supervisory Skills

Celtic Ross Hotel

The most useful part was to see how different team members would handle the complaints, their confidence levels, interest in dealing with conflict and how we communicated as a team. I will put in place a set procedure for all complaints. Because of this course I have several ideas for improvements within the hotel.

Complaint Handling

The Kingsley

I will look to apply the learning of 1 SOP at every daily briefing going forward. I also hope to have one SOP for every day of the month, so they'll make their way to every staff member whether it be part time or full time.

Train the Trainer


Discussing different complaint scenarios was very useful. For example, how to approach an upset guest in a positive manner or how your body language impacts a guest`s response.

Complaint Handling

Fota Island

The role playing was very useful in order to practice different scenarios and know how to act in difficult situations. This will help me to have more confidence when a guest is complaining and offer a better customer service.

Complaint Handling

The Kingsley