Training Networks Programme

Training Networks Programme

The Training Networks Programme is the main Skillnet Ireland programme which supports training across a wide range of industry sectors and geographical regions. The aim of TNP is to promote and support the development of training networks as a strategic response to existing and emerging competitive challenges facing the enterprise sector. Skillnet Ireland, the agency managing the TNP, receives funding from the National Training Fund through the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science. Skillnet Ireland, through the development of training networks, aims to increase participation in enterprise training by firms to improve competitiveness and provide improved access for workers to skills development. Restaurant & Hospitality Skillnet is one of the networks which are part of the Training Networks Programme.

TNP courses are partially funded by the network – please see details of courses available below:

Professional Kitchen Management Workshop

To contend with the recent rise in both VAT and minimum wage, Irish managers need to ensure that their kitchens are performing to optimum capacity and driving business efficiencies.  Menu management issues and product utilisation remain the most efficient ways to control costs and improve margins.

Content Covered:

  • Kitchen Management and Food Costing Fundamentals
  • Purchasing Guidelines for Profit
  • Allergen Awareness
  • Menu Design Fundamentals
  • Green Energy and Waste Management
  • Labour Cost Controls

Marketing your Restaurant

Our one day marketing course is designed to help you increase sales through more effective marketing.

Content covered:

  • Marketplace Analysis – use P.E.S.T.L.E. and S.W.O.T
  • Set marketing objectives and goals – Action Plan
  • How to carry out market research to understand customers’ needs
  • Use of brand on menus, price lists, printed material
  • Identify your USP and communicate it to customers
  • Websites and digital marketing
  • Set a marketing budget
  • Upselling tactics for staff
  • Delivering a unique and effective selling message for the firm

Restaurant & Hospitality Management Development Programme (MDP)

This eight-day programme offers current restaurant supervisors an opportunity to hone their skills and assist in progressing to a managerial position within a restaurant/gastro pub. It is aimed at complementing the practical experience gained by individuals working in the industry. Each participant must complete a business action plan. On completion of the course, each participant will receive a Restaurant & Hospitality Skillnet certificate.

Content Covered:

  • Business Planning and Marketing
  • Planning and Role of the Manager
  • Financial Management
  • Kitchen & Waste Management
  • Beverage Management
  • Human Resources
  • Communication
  • Customer Service and Selling

Executive Management

Are you a Senior Manager looking to develop personally and grow the business?

Learn to build a growth development plan and optimise the business performance. This course is run over five months which includes six full day Management Skills Development Workshops and five mentoring workshops. Theses mentoring workshops are one-to-one, audio visual, or face-to-face.

On completion of the course, each participant will receive an ‘Advanced Certificate in Management Practice’ – awarded by the Restaurant & Hospitality Skillnet, the European Training Fund (ETF) and Human Resource Excellence.

Part 1: Each participant is required to complete a brief personal profile form and a substantial self-assessment business performance and management skills audit.

Part 2: Six, full day skills development workshops.


    1. Business Vision/ Strategy
    2. Managing Self
    3. Managing and Developing People
    4. Business Finance
    5. A) Customers, Communication & Relationship. B) e-Commerce/ e-Marketing/ Social Media Marketing
    6. A) Efficiency of Operations and Systems, Innovation & Creativity. B) Creating Competitive Advantage through Innovation and Creativity

Part 3: Submission and evaluation of ‘Growth Development Plans’

Restaurant Induction Bundle – Online Training

The Restaurant Induction Bundle is an online training pack that includes all you need to know to be fully inducted and up to speed with the requirements for staff members taking up a job in hospitality. The aim of this course is to give you a better insight in to the company you work for, its team and the policies that make the restaurant unique. The programme covers insights on how to conduct good customer service, an overview of the standard of excellence that the Restaurants Association of Ireland strives to reach and maintain, as well as health and safety policies.

Key modules and topics include:

  • HR Policy
  • Health and Safety
  • Floor Staff Service
  • The Kitchen

Our aim is to encourage all staff members to work together to set your restaurant apart from others, and to give your customers an amazing experience. This course will provide you with the knowledge you need to fulfil these goals.

Once you have purchased the online induction training bundle, you will receive login details within 24 hours from our online training portal. You then sign in online and complete the training. The training takes approx. 2 hours to complete.

Complete Restaurant Training – Online Training

A complete online training programme for restaurants with over 10 courses for both front of house staff and back of house staff. A package of online courses for employees which gives management a business dashboard with evidence staff members are trained. This online programme significantly reduces training costs.

Course packages available

  1. Front of House Package
  • Fire Safety Awareness
  • Food Hygiene L1
  • Health & Safety – Slips, trips & falls
  • Manual Handling
  • Robbery & Theft Prevention
  • GDPR Overview for Employees
  • Sale of Age – Restricted Goods
  • Customer Service in Restaurants
  • Restaurant Selling Skills
  • Intro to Wine, Beer & Spirits
  • Essential Waiting Skills
  1. Back of House Package
  • Fire Safety Awareness
  • Food Hygiene L1
  • Food Hygiene L2
  • Health & Safety – Slips, trips & falls
  • Manual Handling
  • Robbery & Theft Prevention
  • Food Hygiene – Allergen

In – Company Training

The Restaurant and Hospitality Skillnet also offer in-company training to members. Please see below a list of in-company courses we offer.

If you have a training course you would like delivered in-house please contact and we will assist you as best we can.

*The Restaurant & Hospitality Skillnet members can avail of a 15% discount on the below training*

Customer Care – Delight and Up Sell

Challenges of Customer Care:

  1. Dealing with complaints so the customer returns
  2. Making a difference so the customers notice it and like it
  3. Motivating staff to engage with customers

What this course addresses:

  1. Setting standards for staff in terms of appearance, friendliness and professionalism
  2. Complaints strategy and empowerment of staff
  3. Delighting customers and ways to increase tips and positive feedback

Content Covered:

  • The value of lifetime customers
  • Increasing sales with existing customers
  • Why customers leave and the corresponding effects
  • Preventing customer loss
  • Turn dissatisfied customers into lifetime customers (+ 1 books unique DTA system)
  • Complaints handling
  • How to meet customer satisfaction
  • How to motivate customers to promote your business

Food & Beverage Skills Training

Are you looking to upskill your current staff or new food and beverage staff on the basics of serving food and drink?

Challenges of food & beverage operations:  

  1. Lack of skilled staff
  2. Different levels of service between team members
  3. High staff turnover

What this course addresses:

  1. The standard of service within the industry
  2. Understanding basic knowledge and upselling
  3. Serving food and drink correctly

Content Covered:

  • Meet, greet and seat a guest
  • Taking a food and drink order
  • Anticipating the customer’s needs
  • Carry and clear plates
  • Carry a tray
  • Basic terminology
  • Upselling
  • Serving drinks
  • Pulling the perfect pint
  • Changing a keg
  • Serving wine and champagne

Skills coaching   

A 2- day course in a mock restaurant for restaurant supervisors, managers and food and beverage managers.

What this course addresses:

  1. Skills coaching for different learning styles
  2. Coaching a team to serve food and drink correctly
  3. Standards of service and customer care

Day 1 

  • Different learning style
  • On the job training
  • Communication
  • The customer journey
  • Standards of service
  • Upselling

Day 2

  • Meet, greet and seat a guest
  • Taking a food and drink order
  • Anticipating the customer’s needs
  • Carry and clear plates
  • Carry a tray
  • Basic terminology
  • Upselling
  • Serving drinks
  • Pulling the perfect pint
  • Changing a keg
  • Serving wine and champagne

Supervisor Skills Course

A 10- day course (1 day a week over 10 weeks) for supervisors to learn the necessary skills to supervise a business and manage staff.

Content Covered:

  • Skills coaching
  • Cashier skills
  • Sales & marketing
  • Basics skills
  • Team leadership
  • Cost management

Accommodation Techniques

1- day basic skills course for accommodation assistants. This training is delivered in a hotel where a bedroom is available.

Content Covered:

  • Summarise the structure, profile and role of the Irish Tourism and Hospitality Industry including grading systems and related customer expectations.
  • Describe the role, structure and organisation of the accommodation department, demonstrating an understanding of the accommodation service terminology.
  • Identify the full range of accommodation services, including the accommodation assistants’ role, responsibilities and key tasks
  • Security role
  • How to use chemicals
  • How to clean a room
  • How to set up the trolley
  • How to clean a bathroom
  • What to look out for

Reception Skills

1- day basic skills course for reception staff.

Content covered:

  • Body language
  • Eye contact
  • Knowledge of the local area
  • Do’s & don’ts on the phone
  • Upselling
  • Checking in / checking out
  • Understanding hotel reception
  • Internal & external customer

Bar Training

The Restaurant & Hospitality Skillnet also provide partial funding for Dublin Bar Academy training.

  • WSET Level 2
  • 2 day Barista course
  • 1 day Barista Essentials
  • 1 day Intro to Bartending
  • Craft Beer Tasting
  • Premium Whiskey Tasting
  • Blend your Own Bitters
  • 2 day Cocktail Making
  • Full Time Bartender course

Barista Training

The Restaurant & Hospitality Skillnet also partially fund Barista Training courses. Please contact the network for further details.

Other Training Courses Available:

Management of Food & Safety

This course covers all the requirements of the FSAI level 3 Management Skills and the legal training requirements of those responsible for the development and maintenance of HACCP and the application of the HACCP principles.

2-day Management Skills Course

Learn how to overcome the problems that managers encounter in their management role and build your confidence and manage effectively.

Finance Unplugged

A one day course on the finance function focusing on what ‘good’ looks like.

Positive Wellbeing

This training is designed to help employees respond positively to challenges and bounce back quickly from setbacks. It provides staff with the tools and strategies to build personal resilience, boost wellbeing and positive mental health.

Manage Staff Performance

This workshop is designed to assist managers with performance conversations (appraisals) and in boosting the performance and wellbeing of their team.

Social Media

Customers are increasingly turning to the internet to find the best restaurants and bars near them. Our one-day course will cover the techniques and skills that will allow you to attract, engage and convert new consumers to your business.


For all queries relating to the courses above, including course dates, pricing and trainer information, please do not hesitate to contact the Network Manager.

Niamh O’Malley


Phone:  01 677 9901