Industry Insights

Industry Insights

The Skillnet Ireland Industry Insights Series is designed to facilitate a deeper understanding of specific business challenges and the development of actionable insights and solutions for industry by industry.

Since its launch in 2018, sixteen research projects have been published, each contributing to thought leadership on the future of work and learning, workforce design or people development. This initiative is designed to facilitate deep and relevant collaborations between industry bodies, government and academic research partners supporting a joined-up efficient innovation ecosystem. Over the past three years, this industry-led research initiative has contributed to government policy and significantly advanced our understanding of work at sectoral, regional, and wider economic level.


The Restaurant & Hospitality Skillnet has been awarded funding for Industry Insights research project titled:

The Future of Irish Hospitality – Attracting & Retaining Talent

Research will enable industry to:

  • Attract new staff members as this report will enable industry to better position the opportunities available and attract the right people for the right job using the digital hospitality personas.
  • Use personas to match job roles, make the hiring process easier.
  • Understand what knowledge and skills persona types need to progress within the business which will allow businesses to better prepare personal development plans for employees and future employees.
  • Understand those individuals who don’t see it as a long-term career but how businesses can try retain them as the personas will identify their ‘drivers’/ motivators.
  • Understand the learning and development opportunities that need to be offered by employers to increase the likelihood of retaining staff – enable lifelong learning for employees and know where to go to find such learning and development supports or how to develop these supports.
  • And the network to better understand the learning and development needs of industry and alter their offerings to suit the different ‘personas’.

Action oriented approach:

  • Identify the different generations working within Irish Hospitality
  • Identify their characteristics (what motivates them, their perceptions of hospitality industry, how Ireland’s Generations attitudes of hospitality differ to Europe, their ideal jobs, skills and knowledge generations have that are suitable for industry, knowledge/skills, and attitude gaps)
  • Create hospitality personas based on findings
  • Match these personas with jobs within the industry
  • Make recommendations for hiring and managing different generations/personas
  • Identify the training and development each persona needs to be successful in the industry
  • Make recommendations for education and training for employers to help retain employees
  • Identify what changes the network needs to make to current learning and development offerings to ensure the industry need is met. Develop or offer new programmes to suit the needs

We are seeking employers to participate in interviews with our research partners in the last week of September/ first week of October.

Interested? Please contact us via email on to express your interest or alternatively, please call +35316779901