About – Steering Group

Steering Group Role

  • Provide the strategic direction and control for the network and oversee network performance
  • Guide the network manager in managing the network
  • Provide a link between the contracting organisation and member companies
  • Oversee and score tenders received for the provision of services to the network. This canbe assigned to a procurement sub-committee of the Steering Group.
  • Sign off on all expenditures from the network
  • Members can be a representative of a public body (e.g. SOLAS, County Enterprise Board) however they cannot be in receipt of any benefits financially or otherwise from the network. They can act advisory capacity only
  • Provide administration resource to manage the network
  • Report to the contracting organisation and the network steering group
  • Manage finances/budgets
  • Implement a fair and transparent procurement process, seek tenders, negotiate with suppliers
  • Plan and organise events
  • Communicate with member companies
  • Submit reports to Skillnets
  • Adhere to Skillnets branding guidelines
  • Participate in training as required by Skillnets
  • Perform other roles and responsibilities as may be decided by the Steering Group
  • Conduct all network duties in accordance with the guidelines

Industry Steering Committee

Niamh O’Malley

Network Manager

Restaurant & Hospitality Skillnet

Adrian Cummins

Network Promoter

Restaurants Association of Ireland

Angelika Bryniak

Events & Skillnet Executive

Restaurants Association of Ireland

Mark McGowan

Steering Group Member/ SG Chair

Scholars Townhouse

Liam Edwards

Steering Group Member

Jim Edwards Bar & Restaurant

Aprilanna Baker

Steering Group Member

Dinkins Bakery

Catriona Sheehan

Steering Group Member

The Fota Collection

Tina Maree

Steering Group Member

Irish Hospitality Institute

Lorraine Heskin

Steering Group Member

Gourmet Food Parlour

Trevor McCarthy

Steering Group Member

Cliste Hospitality

Amy Fuller

Steering Group Member

BaxterStorey Ireland