Standard Operating Procedures for Food & Beverage (up to 10 staff)

Start Date: 31/12/2024 (AVAILABLE ALL YEAR) eLearning completed at any time

Duration: Approx. 6 hours

Location: Digital Learning

Accreditation: Restaurant & Hospitality Skillnet Certificate of Completion

Full Fee: €500

Network Members Fee: €100

Programme overview

Our new eLearning Standard Operating Procedures training programme is suitable for those who have are new to the restaurant/hospitality setting and are looking upskill in the standard operating procedures. The programme can be completed at any time by the learner. (All SOP's do not have to be completed in one sitting). The programme consists of a number of SOPs which are accompanied by demonstration videos and thorough explanations. The learner will test their knowledge at the end of each SOP.

Learning Outcomes

  1. To understand the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) within the industry.

(Each SOP has it’s own learning outcomes)

Content Covered

Section 1 Professional Standards on Duty
1 How to Ensure Excellent Grooming and Presentation
2 Professional Ethic While on Duty

Section 2 Welcoming Guests
3 Answering the Phone/ Taking a Reservation Over the Phone
4 Meet, Greet & Seat
5 Presenting and Explaining the Menu
6 Taking a Drinks Order
7 Taking an Order

Section 3 Serving Guests
8 Serving a Soft Drink
9 Serving a Bottle of Beer
10 Serving Wine & Champagne
11 Pulling the Perfect Guinness Pint
12 How to Rectify Cutlery
13 Serving Food Items
14 Checking Back in with the Guests at the Table
15 Cleaning a Table During Service
16 Crumbing Down
17 Serving Tea & Coffee
18 How to Carry and Clear Drinks
19 Preparing & Presenting the Bill

Section 4 Customer Care
20 General Customer Care
21 How to Deal with a Guest Complaint

Section 5 Serving Alcohol
22 Asking for ID
23 Late Drunk

Section 6 Behind the Scenes Skills
24 Managing Your Station
25 Polishing Cutlery
26 Polishing Glasses
27 Carrying Plates
28 How to Box a Tablecloth
29 How to set a Table
30 Replenish Stock
31 Changing a Keg
32 How to Change the Optics
33 How to Make Cocktails
34 Bottle Skips
35 Safe Ice Procedure
36 Knife Skills

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for anyone working within the industry.